Aussies need $10m to realise their dreams

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(Australian Associated Press)

They say money can’t buy happiness but nearly a third of Australians say winning $10 million could help them realise their dreams.

A survey conducted for lottery groups in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and NSW found 30.4 per cent of respondents thought winning at least $10 million in a lottery would be ideal to make their dreams a reality.

A smaller 24.3 per cent of people thought $1 million would be enough to service their dreams, a figure deemed sufficient by a majority of respondents to a similar survey just six months ago.

NSW Lotteries spokesman Matt Hart says it’s surprising the latest data, collected by ReachTEL, shows people’s dreams have become more expensive.

“Sadly, this survey suggests that New South Wales adults are feeling their dreams are a little more out of reach,” he said in a statement on Monday.

“Perhaps because of concerns about the cost of living, the economy or maybe recent international developments.”

What appealed most to the nearly 1200 survey respondents about a big lottery win was being debt free and financially secure, which 33.3 per cent thought would bring them the most happiness from the windfall.

Young people were especially keen on that idea, with 42.4 per cent of people aged 18 to 34 age thinking they would get the most joy from financial security.

That was compared with 36.4 per cent of people aged 35 to 50 and 28.7 per cent of people aged 51 to 65.

Across all age groups, 28.1 per cent of respondents thought being able to help family and friends was the second most likely source of happiness.


* Almost a third (30.4 per cent) think $10 million would be ideal to help them realise their dreams, while nearly a quarter (24.3 per cent) think $1 million would be enough and a sixth (16.6 per cent) could do it with $8 million.

* About a third (33.3 per cent) think the most happiness they would get out of a big lottery win would come from being debt free and financially secure.

* Being able to help family and friends would be the biggest source of joy, for 21.8 per cent of respondents, with feeling free to do what they want the next most popular choice of 13.8 per cent of people.


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